Color and light rule my work and dictate the process. To produce each piece I start with sheet glass of various colors. I layer, grind, melt, pour, mix and then possibly cut the results to create background as well as line and shading elements to be incorporated in the final product. Several firings are required to accomplish the layering of color and the final shaping. Some pieces will require many firings of different time lengths taking several days to complete. Pieces are shaped in the kiln while still hot, either by hand manipulation, or over, or into a mold.

Each piece is created solely by me with the occasional help of my husband (or anyone else I can recruit) to hold open a kiln lid or cut a stream of molten glass which I am pouring. I create the molds from a variety of materials which must be heat resistant.

My inspiration and subject matter usually come from nature. I have simplicity of style that allows the color and form to make the statement.