A glass art studio is a magical place full of strange, almost industrial looking pieces of equipment that do not hint at the beauty they create. Glass is cut, ground, melted, mixed, poured and treated in any manner that may accomplish the effect the artist is trying to achieve.

When you heat glass in a flame or kiln to a glowing molten mass - it is mesmerizing - it is exhilarating - and I think most glass artists have a bit of pyromania. The results can be as varied as the number of concepts in the universe.

There are no limits of dimension, it can be flat - it can be sculptural. Colors can be layered, placed side by side, or blended. sharan_cutting_glass_sm.jpgThe shape can be molded, pulled, twisted - and then when cooled, the glass can either be a final piece of art or merely an element to be included in the next step of creation.